5 P’s of Peak Performance: A Simple Process For Success in Life and Work

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In this post, I share an easy to remember 5P Process which I use with my individual and corporate clients.

Remembering this process could help you to maintain peak performance as you approach your personal and professional projects.

Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps leaders ENGINEER optimum process, leadership and human performance to streamline SUCCESS in life and enterprise. He is a Human and Business Performance Specialist and a globally certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership, one of the world’s premier institutes for leadership development founded by the highly acclaimed leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell. Gregory was trained in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and has studied leadership and business under a range of other global thought leaders including Sir Richard Branson and Dr. Robert Cialdini. As the Founder of Life Engineer Inc. and The Pilly Pelican Company, he has leveraged his range of experience to develop solutions that help individuals and organisations systematically achieve desired results.