Podcast Interview: Discussing Life Engineering with Gregory Skeete (Caribbean Power Lunch)

In this interview, I had a chance to chat with Mr. Kevin Valley, Founder of the Caribbean Power Lunch, which is a podcast series featuring black entrepreneurs from across the region.

Below, you can listen to the podcast or watch a video recording of the episode.

I enjoyed our conversation as we talked about a number of things, including:

? 5 P’s to turbocharge your professional performance;
? 3 Lessons from Entrepreneurship that can boost job performance;
? A different approach to Leadership;
? Living your life by design.

Here’s the video recording of the interview.


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Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps S.T.E.M. professionals, executives and business owners to LEAD high performance and ENGINEER success in life and work.He is an international High-Performance Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker, certified with Maxwell Leadership, one of the world’s premier institutes for leadership development founded by the highly acclaimed global leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell.Gregory holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, backed by Industrial Engineering and Process Improvement experience in the manufacturing sector. He has also studied business leadership under a range of other global thought leaders including Dr. Robert Cialdini and Sir Richard Branson, who Gregory during the inaugural YLAI Fellowship Program initiated under former US President Barack Obama.As the Founder of Life Engineer Inc., he has leveraged his range of experience to develop solutions that help individuals and organisations systematically achieve desired results to drive positive change.