Operating Your Life and Career by Design Can Set You Apart From Everyone

Design is an important engineering principle, applicable to all industries and professions on some level. Anything created by man began as a thought in someone’s mind first.

In this post, I share a few thoughts on designing your IDEAL life and career instead of operating by default based on current circumstances.

A design doesn’t mean that your reality will be changed easily or quickly. It means that you begin to move in the right direction. Remember, your career or business goals should serve your life goals.

Don’t leave it to chance. Make a blueprint. Lead your life. Shape your work.

Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps leaders and organisations simplify complexity and engineer transformation through leadership, process and human performance. He is an Engineering Professional and Entrepreneur who has leveraged his experience to help individuals and enterprises to systematically achieve desired results. This Award-winning Author is also a Globally Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership, one of the world’s premier institutes for leadership development.