People Rarely Quit Their Jobs But They Often Quit Other People

In this post, I talk about why people grow frustrated and want to leave their jobs. It’s usually not because of the work itself, but because of some of the people they work with.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced having a job that was relatively straight forward but people who made it difficult!

Your goal is to make a conscious effort to be the example of the type of person you would enjoy working with. People will take notice and you can begin to shape a new culture within your circle of influence.

Gregory Skeete

As a globally Certified Maxwell Leadership Team Member with expertise in engineering, business and people development, I help business owners and corporate managers at all levels lead high performance to engineer success in life and work.To serve clients though coaching, training and advisory solutions, I leverage my proprietary Life Engineer Coaching Method, other world-class licenced resources and a network of experts in various fields.My career journey means that I excel most at helping existing and emerging business leaders with backgrounds or careers in STEM.In addition to Dr. John C. Maxwell, I've also had the honour of learning from other global thought leaders such as Dr. Robert Cialdini, Dr. Ivan Misner and Sir Richard Branson.