Are You A River or A Reservoir? Be Limitless In Your Capacity

 I’ve learnt many lessons from one of my mentors, John C. Maxwell, since completing his certification program in 2013. Here’s one of them – “Rivers and Reservoirs”.

When I’m working in Operations Engineering, especially with process improvement in the manufacturing sector, heavy emphasis is often placed on optimising capacity and throughput or flow.

I think something similar can be considered with people.

When it comes to personal capacity, including wealth, many people use the approach of storing while sharing the absolute minimum.

This is often based on a fear that someone else will steal an idea, secure the desired promotion or client or cause lost opportunity in some way.

Although it’s important to be strategic in what you communicate and when, things usually work out best for the people who are open to sharing their knowledge, experience and dollars.

It adds to the legacy of your leadership and impact, and generally, helping others to succeed is one of the most fulfilling feelings to be experienced.
Don’t be a reservoir, be a river. Also, remember that you can’t give what you don’t have – and that applies to teaching as well!

If all that is positive flows through you, there’s no limit to your overall capacity.


Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps people and organisations of all types and stages achieve peak performance. He is an Engineering Professional and Entrepreneur who has leveraged his experience to help individuals and enterprises to systematically achieve desired results. This Award-winning Author is also a Globally Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team, the world’s premier institute for leadership development.