3 Lessons From Entrepreneurship That Can Boost Job Performance

In my career, I’ve been fortunate to have worked as both an employee and an employer.

There’s no doubt that that the latter caused me to grow and stretch more than ever before, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences as an employee and it laid much of my foundation for professional success.

Nowadays at Life Engineer Inc., I get to combine these experiences and help the leaders of organisations to develop a more entrepreneurial approach to their management, strategies and team dynamics, even for those who have never had the experience of full-time entrepreneurship themselves.

Here are 3 tips which I’d like you to consider if you’re an employee. If you’re an entrepreneur, they may help as timely reminders.

Let me know what you think and wishing you a high-performance week ahead!

Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps leaders and organisations simplify complexity and engineer transformation through leadership, process and human performance. He is an Engineering Professional and Entrepreneur who has leveraged his experience to help individuals and enterprises to systematically achieve desired results. This Award-winning Author is also a Globally Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership, one of the world’s premier institutes for leadership development.