Guest Podcast Interview: “B2B Founder” with Brett Trainor (Episode 27)

I was recently invited to be a guest on Brett Trainor’s “B2B Founder” Podcast Show. (This show was formerly called “Hardwired For Growth” prior to April 2020).

I really enjoyed chatting with Brett. In case you missed it, you can listen to the episode right here.



On this episode, we welcome Gregory Skeete to the program.  Gregory helps entrepreneurs and business owners to ‘engineer’ their best selves and systematically achieve results that are both successful and significant while maintaining their ideal work-life balance and lifestyle.

Gregory’s unique background has allowed him to provide a unique and powerful perspective on how entrepreneurs can become the best versions of themselves and not only transform themselves but also their businesses.  This was a really interesting discussion.

Questions we answer:

  • Why you need to build your business “with the end in mind”
  • Why process and documentation are fundamental to scalable growth
  • Why benevolence is important for the entrepreneurial journey
  • Why inspiration is better than motivation

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Gregory Skeete

As a globally Certified Maxwell Leadership Team Member with expertise in engineering, business and people development, I help business owners and corporate managers at all levels lead high performance to engineer success in life and work.To serve clients though coaching, training and advisory solutions, I leverage my proprietary Life Engineer Coaching Method, other world-class licenced resources and a network of experts in various fields.My career journey means that I excel most at helping existing and emerging business leaders with backgrounds or careers in STEM.In addition to Dr. John C. Maxwell, I've also had the honour of learning from other global thought leaders such as Dr. Robert Cialdini, Dr. Ivan Misner and Sir Richard Branson.