Success Requires Prioritised Commitment and Selective Inconsistency

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Recently, one of the things I was thinking about has been the question of commitment and consistency. You see, it’s often said that your level of commitment is reflected in your level of consistency, so the things that you are truly committed to, you turn up continuously, you deliver what you have to do, you get things done.

However, as I really sat and thought about it both in the professional and the personal sense, there are so many commitments that we have in life. There’s your spiritual commitment, your commitment to self care, health, wellbeing, exercise, your commitment to your family, your commitment to your friends, your commitment to your career.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it could be your commitment to a business, your commitment to your employees – the people who depend on you to deliver professionally and especially for high performance people, people who are ambitious, people who are pushing the boundaries of success, it’s very likely that you are committed to way too many things. I know for sure I’ve been.

During the past weeks, I’ve been reevaluating all of my commitments and I realised something very important that I wanted to share. You see, it is critical, essential that you have priorities within your commitments because that is the true measure of where your consistency is also most important.

So let me break that down a little bit more.

What I’m saying is – your commitments are not all equal and for every person you have to know for every stage in your life or your work, what is truly most important right now. So this came up when I was thinking about my consistency with these videos.

During the month of December, I scaled back, I had a pretty bad cold, both myself and within my family and then I also had many commitments to my immediate family. I had to choose, am I going to commit to my self-care and recovery and supporting my family or am I going to keep pushing on these videos.

And the question is what is most important? And for that phase, other things were more important. So my inconsistency with video doesn’t mean that I’m not committed. It remains one of my commitments. Sharing messages that help people like you watching on – it is one of my commitments.

But it was more important to honor the commitments to recovery, to family, to giving people who depend on you, the time and attention that they deserve. And that’s what I did. And you see, when you have your commitments prioritized, it means that you won’t feel as guilty when your inconsistency hits because you know that you are honoring what is most important each and every time.

So I hope that is useful to you, especially at this time as I film this particular video, it’s the 1st of January 20 – 01-01-2020 the start of a new year – the start of a new decade.Who knows what lays ahead? I was dreaming of what January 1st, 2030 is going to look like. I can tell you that I’ve never been more focused, more driven, more committed to being consistent and the things that matter most and doing your best with the things that matter less.

Don’t beat yourself up, know your priorities, execute on them and the other things are all going to fall into place. So with that said, I want to wish you a very happy new year, a very happy decade, and in the words of my late grandfather – one of them – “Health, Happiness, and Prosperity!”.

Looking forward to sharing more in the years to come.

Gregory Skeete

Gregory Skeete helps people and organisations of all types and stages achieve peak performance. He is an Engineering Professional and Entrepreneur who has leveraged his experience to help individuals and enterprises to systematically achieve desired results. This Award-winning Author is also a Globally Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team, the world’s premier institute for leadership development.